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December 2, 2013


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It's that time of year for giving gifts to others... and yourself!  I am offering digital art commissions.  Take a look at my gallery to see what I could do for you!

Are you a fan of my style?  Would you like me to draw your character?  Would you like to see them in an action shot or on a splash page?  Maybe you are a writer or game designer looking for some concept art of your characters?  Maybe you have an old character and you'd like to see me give it a new spin? Or maybe there is a public domain character that you'd like to see live again in some form or other.

    · $15 – Single Character: Black & White (Digital Inks) + $5 for each additional character

    · $20 – Single Character: Colored with a Basic Background (Examples: starbiter's Druid, TheDeviantMakepeace's Raiders, or the characters in this gallery or in this one) + $5 for each additional character

    · $40 – Splash Page the commissioner would need to provide the necessary text (Examples: my character Danger Demon and my take on the public domain character The Purple Claw)

    · $45 – Comic Cover the commissioner would need to provide the necessary text (Examples: roygbiv666's Grim Reaper #13 and those found in this gallery and throughout my deviantART account)

    · $50 – Origin Page the commissioner would need to provide the story and information (like these that were created for the Prisoner of None comic that I illustrate)... Please note that origin pages take more time to create!

All art will be DIGITAL as a high resolution, comic page-sized image (out to full page size) for your personal, non-commercial use.  If you want something for commercial purposes send me a Note here at deviantART and we can talk.

Here's how it will work:

1. Send me a Note here at deviantART to let me know you are interested in a commission and tell me what you want. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS & PUBLIC DOMAIN CHARACTERS ONLY!  No nudity or graphic images.  Check out my gallery to see the kinds of things I can do.

2. Once what you want is settled, I will let send you my PayPal account information.  I only work after getting paid and I am only accepting PayPal payment, it's easier that way.

3. Work will begin upon receipt of payment and will be completed within a week to ten days (longer for a splash page or origin page, I will be upfront about the time line before payment is made.)

4. I will send you the high resolution file that you paid for.

5. Everyone is happy!

I reserve the right to post the commissioned piece here at deviantART (unless this is negotiated before payment)!



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UrsaMagnus Dec 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I may need to take advantage of the origin page deal. I've been wanting to do one for quite some time.
Do it! Dave is awesome - how he says the process works, is how it works. :-)
Robenix Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Very tempting! Let me think about it~
DBed Dec 2, 2013   Digital Artist
Take your time... they'll be open for a while!
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