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Commission Rates

  • $20 - Single Character Black & White (Digital Inks) + $5 for each additional character
  • $30 - Single Character: Colored + $5 for each additional character
  • $50 - Comic Cover or Splash Page
  • $65 - Comic Page, written by you
  • Contact me about collaborating on a book or other projects!

All art will be DIGITAL as a high resolution, comic page-sized image (out to full page size) for your personal, non-commercial use.  If you are interested in something for commercial purposes contact me and we can talk.

Contact me here or through my website !


DBed's Profile Picture
David Mikle Bednarski
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I am a scientist by day and an artist by night!

Twitter: dmbednarski
Instagram: dmb_art


COMMISSION - Guardians of the Fourth Wall
A commission for :iconcyberphoenix001: of his Guardians of the Fourth Wall team!

Here are the bio's of the characters provided by :iconcyberphoenix001:, from left to right -

  • Battle Bunny (gun-wielding rabbit): A resistance fighter from the future where all humanity has been wiped out, here to help prevent humanity from doing so to itself, kicking ass and taking names in the process.
  • Funnelweb (spidery guy): A man who was bitten by a supernatural spider under the light of the Moon, and is now a "were-spider", able to shift between forms largely at will, but retaining greater control of his monstrous form during the night hours.
  • Voltic-Man (flying electric hero): A computer prodigy who, after the electricity pole connected to his home was struck by lightning during his computer session, he was endowed with fantastic power and resolved to use them to help the disadvantaged and downtrodden.
  • Durga (lady in red): The Hindu goddess who has taken a human avatar in response to increased presence of supernatural activity on Earth, wielding a metaphysical weapon able to change form into any of the weapons she wields in her regular, 10-armed form.
  • Cat Sith (cat lady): The latest in a long family of Scottish stage magicians, she uses her theatrical and technical talents to combat criminals using the powers of misdirection and spectacle.
  • Zephyrox (cow): A cow who gaining immense speed after being exposed to hyper-spatial energies during a botched alien abduction, and now fights for justice of both the human and bovine varieties.
COMMISSION - The Superior Six
Commission for :iconcyberphoenix001: of his team, the SUPERIOR SIX!

Character descriptions from :iconcyberphoenix001: , clockwise starting in the top left of the image - 

  • Aquarian (fish guy): An alien refugee from a war-torn aquatic planet, he can telekinetically manipulate water and fly by doing thus to the water within the tubes that run along his suit. He is the de facto leader of the group and routinely lauded as the greatest hero of Earth.
  • Powerflex (stretchy lady): A full-time superhero/part-time rock music writer born with an exuberant personality, as well as incredible elasticity, strength and durability, she revels in her abilities and is the team's main PR rep.
  • Wind Turbine (flying robot): An intelligent robot that was built by a mad scientist working for the government as a weather control mechanism. It was the only one that ended up being built as the program turned out to be prohibitively expensive, but the robot ended up being a valuable contribution to the superhero populace.
  • Red Raptor (archer): One of the only two member of the team who has a secret identity, she is an archer who has also mastered a large number of magical arts, which she uses in concert with her archery to enchant her arrows and produce unusual effects with them, such as creating portals, binding enemies non-lethally and turning the arrows into angry bees mid-flight.
  • Trilobite (armored guy): The son of a Native American archaeologist who came across a mystical fossil in a coastal cave during a joint expedition, which bonded with him and gave him the ability to summon a near-indestructible suit of armour around himself at will. He is the other member who still retains a secret identity.
  • Leo (fabulous lion man): An alien nomad who travels the stars on an intergalactic tour bus, searching for evil empires to fight For Great Justice, but is currently taking a holiday on Earth and has ingratiated himself into the local superhero community.


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